Choosing the Right Motorcycle for a Track Day

Ditch the street and embrace the speed! Ever dreamt of an exhilarating riding experience on a racetrack? The sound of engines, speed, adrenaline rush, and pure joy of pushing your limits in a controlled environment – track days is another name for the thrill. The thrill brings out the inner Rossi in you! But the […]

Top 12 Ways To Save On Gas Money And Go To More Track Days

The track is awesome. The high cost of it can suck, especially with gas prices this year. Here are some ways to save and make your hard-earned dollars go farther. For more track time, of course! 1. Sign up early Trackday organizations often offer discounts and other incentives for early signups. Don’twait until the last […]


One day you’ll be at the track and you’ll do everything right. And it’ll still go wrong. You’ll give 100% butcome up short. You’ll do you best, but your best won’t be good enough.Strange as it sounds, these statements are neither negative or pessimistic. And they’re not anassessment of your ability to succeed. They’re simply […]


Most people don’t know how difficult it is for me changing tires. First you have to find someone that has stands you can borrow. Then you don’t want to borrow some tools from the same person. Don’t want to feel like a total loser so you borrow a 36mm socket from someone else and it’s […]

NCBike Track For Motorcycles

What key factors make a race track good for motorcycle training? This question is asked frequently. The answer is simple – ALL tracks can make a great training experience. What is your goal? Let’s take a look at NCBIKE track (also known as NCCAR North Carolina Center for Automotive Research). This facility has a great […]


Carol Dweck, a Stanford University Psychology professor, has spent most of her career studying why some people seem to reach their potential while others don’t. She believes a person’s internal belief system may be responsible for explaining, in part, why some people are more successful in achieving their goals. Trying to unravel the mystery of […]

Ben Walters And Bill Sink Invent YCRS TDT

EvolveGT and YCRS team up to create “TDT” Track Day Training. At select EvolveGT track days. Ben Walters will be lead instructor on this program . YCRS teaches “Champions Habits”, the techniques the best riders in the world use to go so fast without falling down. Simply put, YCRS coaches riders to “ride the bike […]

Michelle’s Story

Motorcycles that are smaller, are becoming proven track machines! This November in Long Beach, California motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati, and BMW, unveiled the biker industry’s newest trend to hit the states: a smaller, lighter motorcycle designed to offer wider appeal to a greater target audience. Makers are hopeful that the new design […]

Motorcycle Tracks

We have all ridden our motorcycles on the street. Practicing on the street is extremely difficult from the distractions we encounter, other obstacles, vehicles and rules that inhibit us to effectively learn more. This is where motorcycle tracks (commonly called road race courses) fill the gap for more advanced learning. You may ask yourself “does […]

Track STOP: NJMP Thunderbolt Turns 4 & 5

“Hey, don’t forget to pick up your paycheck!” (more on that in a moment….) As we do more mid-winter virtual laps around our favorite tracks, today let’s take a look at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) Thunderbolt and STOP at Turns 4 and 5, and the small straight that connects them together. All too often […]