Top 12 Ways To Save On Gas Money And Go To More Track Days

The track is awesome. The high cost of it can suck, especially with gas prices this year. Here are some ways to save and make your hard-earned dollars go farther. For more track time, of course!

1. Sign up early

Trackday organizations often offer discounts and other incentives for early signups. Don’t
wait until the last minute to sign up for your dates.

2. Park the fifth-wheel/big toy hauler for now

Small tow vehicles and simple accommodations may be the way to go to combat gas
prices and save some money this year

  • vans
  • pickup trucks + simple camping
  • even staying at a hotel might be cheaper for long-haul trips

3. Buddy up

Carpool and share the expenses. Track day providers’ forums and social media pages
are great places to find and post up for others you can ride share with.

4. Make your gas money work harder

Do both days on a weekend. Look for 3-day events. If you can work remotely or have
vacation time, bookend your work week with track days on both ends in the same area.
On the East coast, tracks like PTC/AMP/NCM and VIR/NCBike, and CMP/RRR are each
within a few hours of each other.

5. Shop local

You may have smaller, local tracks that you haven’t checked out. On the East coast try
Summit Shenandoah, Pineview, or VIR Patriot. Make this year about learning. Go to the
smaller tracks and get to work.

6. Sweat equity

Sign up for a track day work crew doing airbags or look into corner working for credits to
offset track and gas fees.

7. Sometimes it’s the little things…

Don’t overlook the stuff your dad told you about. Things like checking the tire pressures
on your tow vehicle and trailer and slowing down just 5 mph on your trip to the track will
make your gas dollars go farther.

8. There’s an app for that
Use apps to find the cheapest gas and discounts on hotels. Apps like Gas Buddy and
AAA for gas and Trivago, Kayak, SnapTravel, or for rooms can help you
hunt down the cheapest prices along your route. All are available in the Apple App Store
and the Google Play Store.

9. Your loyalty will be rewarded
Join a gas credit card loyalty program for cents/gallon discounts or cash back rewards.
Stick to regular gas traveling to/from the track and save the pricey stuff for the bike.
Speaking of loyalty, don’t forget to check your track day organization’s website and
membership programs. Many of them give a referral credit to riders who refer new

10. Press this button to save
If you have it, use your vehicle’s tow-assist function to optimize fuel efficiency. May not be as fun as zooming up hills but will stretch your fuel dollars.

11. Practice your apexes
Apex your turns on the way TO the track. Not only will it give you tons of opportunities to
practice your vision and set up your entry and exit points, but it’s also the most efficient
way to get there. Plus, it’s just fun.

12. You, only better
Become a better rider. Better riders get better tire wear for a given pace, use the fuel
where it counts and are safer thus, pay for fewer repairs!

1. Ride more smoothly
2. Brake more efficiently
3. Don’t overslow your corner entries

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