You Vs You

Level I reviews the most common problems, and helps you understand precisely how these issues are hindering your own improvement as a rider. There will be a technical briefing for each one including on and off track drills that put you in control of them. Your assigned instructor for 1/2 a day will observe and correct any difficulties you are having with each drill. This training runs until lunch during your normal track day event. You will be coached as an individual, according to your skill level. You will improve. This level answers many basic questions, and the fundamentals needed to improve. Confidence and control are lost when fear is introduced at any point. We will explain how many of these fears are born from rider induced errors. These fears are addressed and confidence is restored with bike control. How fast do we go? Confidence and control dictate your speed. Smoothness is the key. It’s your ride, we are here to help. Limited to 4 riders per instructor per day. See schedule for available days.
Our Training