This instructional class is required for all riders that have never ridden a motorcycle on a track before. Students receive the same amount of on-track sessions as all participants. Participants will learn all the basic skills necessary to get on the track in the safest, most fun way possible. Track riding is quite different from street riding and certain important factors should be understood prior to moving on to riding solo. The techniques taught in GT1 will improve your handling and your confidence level for street riding. Leather and Equipment rentals available at checkout. Automatically enrolled for any new to the track rider, this option is applied at checkout. Other riders may may sit in on the class as a refresher as many times as they would like as space permits for no charge.
  • Body position
  • Efficient operations of all controls
  • Techniques between street riding and track
  • Reference points / Vision
  • Proper turning techniques
  • How to develop real world techniques for safety, confidence and speed on and off the track
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