Choosing the Right Motorcycle for a Track Day

Ditch the street and embrace the speed!

Ever dreamt of an exhilarating riding experience on a racetrack?

The sound of engines, speed, adrenaline rush, and pure joy of pushing your limits in a controlled environment – track days is another name for the thrill. The thrill brings out the inner Rossi in you!

But the important question is – how to choose the best track day bike?

This isn’t a decision to take lightly, thus we are here with a blog to equip you with the knowledge to choose the best beginner track day motorcycle.

Let’s begin the journey of transformation from a street rider into a confident track warrior!

Choosing the Best Motorcycle for Track Days

Track days aren’t just for fancy sports bikes! Whether you cruise boulevards, carve canyons, or scoot around town, you can bring your own two wheels to the track.

A track-only motorcycle definitely has an advantage, but don’t let your ride hold you back. The real goal? Sharpening your skills, no matter what you’re riding.

That said, a sports bike is the best motorcycle for track days, and it will help you get the most out of the experience. Designed for speed and control, their aggressive stance lets you confidently lean into corners. Powerful engines and top-notch suspension mean you can explore your limits safely. The instant feedback from a sportbike helps you refine your skills faster, making every turn a learning experience. Features like clip-on handlebars and beefy brakes are built for track riding, maximizing your control and minimizing fatigue. So, if you’re serious about honing your skills on the track, a sportbike is your ideal riding companion.

But remember, safety first! Track days are controlled environments, but always follow safe riding practices. If you really looking forward to investing in one, we recommend going for smaller ones.

Here are a few things you need to consider:

  1. Crash-worthy Friend: Let’s face it, track days and spills go hand-in-hand. Protect your pride and joy (and wallet) with a bike that won’t shatter your dreams (or your finances) if it meets the asphalt. 
  2. Learning First:  A track-only motorcycle’s power is exhilarating, a less powerful bike can be a great learning tool. You will focus on proper technique rather than just chasing speed. Well, smaller bikes can actually help you sharpen your skills. Who wouldn’t love bragging rights for being the sub-400cc champion smoking liter bikes on the track? But it might take some time, though! 
  3.  Choosing Your Track Weapon: Here’s what to keep in mind:
  • Budget for Battlefield Bailouts: Be honest with yourself – can you afford a potential crash? Track insurance isn’t a thing, so be prepared to cover repairs or write-off costs entirely.
  • Cornering Champ: You will be spending a lot of time leaning into turns. Pick a bike that lets you focus on mastering the corner, not wrestling with it. Cruisers might be fun, but save them for the open road – they’re not ideal track companions (although, hey, to each their own!).
  • Tame the Beast: Less power might sound boring, but for track newbies, it’s a blessing! Smaller engines (think under 500cc and 50hp) let you learn at a slower pace, making the whole experience feel like “slow motion” in a good way!
  • Essentials for Your Track Weapon: Before you chase podium finishes, secure a spare package or ensure parts are easily available. Rain shouldn’t sideline you – find a bike with spare rain tires. Even champions crash, so grab spares for handlebars, levers, footpegs, and a windscreen. A little prep keeps you on track, not hunting for parts. 
  1. Track or Trailer? Consider how you’ll get to the track. If trailering isn’t your plan, choose a street-legal bike that can handle a 30-60-minute ride comfortably, especially for the trek home after a long day of pushing your limits.

Remember, the best track day bike depends on the track itself. Research the layout beforehand – short and twisty versus long and sweeping will influence your choice. Moreover, prioritize safety gear. A quality helmet, leather, and proper protection are essential for a fun and safe track experience.

So, just stick to the basics, your skills and wallet will thank you!

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