Most people don’t know how difficult it is for me changing tires. First you have to find someone that has stands you can borrow. Then you don’t want to borrow some tools from the same person. Don’t want to feel like a total loser so you borrow a 36mm socket from someone else and it’s wrong size so you borrow 32mm from someone else and you don’t have 3/4 ratchet so you go to someone else for that. Then you need help because the last time you put tires on you over tighten the nut. Finally you get the tire off. Now you have to wait for Alex to go to the bathroom so you can sneak a tire out of his trailer when he is not looking. Then you have to go to Gabe to change tire because you can’t bring tire back to Alex. Then you forget your spacers because you didn’t take them off when given to tire guy. During all this, there are many squirrel moments with people talking to you. Replacing a tire on the MT10 takes 4 people. That takes time. Finding someone who knows the torque spec for the rear axle nut because you don’t want to go through the same shit as before takes time. Air pressure gauge, we won’t get into that. S%#t. That’s just the rear, never mind the front. After that, I have no gas. I then have to wait until someone goes on the track so I can take their gas. Yes, this is very time consuming for me. – Bill

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