Ben Walters And Bill Sink Invent YCRS TDT

EvolveGT and YCRS team up to create “TDT” Track Day Training. At select EvolveGT track days. Ben Walters will be lead instructor on this program . YCRS teaches “Champions Habits”, the techniques the best riders in the world use to go so fast without falling down. Simply put, YCRS coaches riders to “ride the bike as it was designed to be ridden”. No goofy theories or unproven opinions, just championship-winning approaches.

EvolveGT are huge fans of the Yamaha Champions Riding School and firmly believe in Champions Habits. Ben Walters and Bill Sink has been working with, helping, and learning from YCRS all over the country. Because of this, they will be the first to tell you that this has elevated there riding, and they want to share these benefits with EvolveGT riders.

At these selected dates, between 6-8 customers can sign up to take TDT with YCRS. Spots will be first-come first-served and tuition is only $325 on top of your track day cost. Students will learn the four basic fundamentals of riding, learn to understand traction and how to ride within the limits of grip (including intensive trail-braking training), as well as the reasons we crash. Learning why we crash will help us recognize signs of impending disaster and avoid crashes. Learning the proper techniques to avoid crashing will help you go faster. It’s the faster/safer method and it’s coming to TDT with EvolveGT.

Registering will be available by February 12th as a drop down selection when choosing your event.

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