Michelle’s Story

Motorcycles that are smaller, are becoming proven track machines! This November in Long Beach, California motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati, and BMW, unveiled the biker industry’s newest trend to hit the states: a smaller, lighter motorcycle designed to offer wider appeal to a greater target audience. Makers are hopeful that the new design will attract more riders who might not be drawn to a traditional-style motorcycle. The bikes are easier to handle for females and younger bike enthusiasts are a more economical choice for millennials and other budget-minded environmentally conscious consumers. Riders who may be turned off by the hefty price tags and gas mileage of past designs may have found a solution. The “little” bikes hope to combat the decline in sales, which fell 50% after the 2008 stock market crash. The retailers plan to offer 300-model one cylinder cycles that are built for light terrain and city streets, which give potential buyers an option that is likened to the tourist bikes popular in various locations, reported Autoweek. The report detailed several new models set for release to the public, including BMW’s G 310 R, which will retail at less than $5,000 as their least expensive motorcycle on the market. Kreidler, Paton, and Benelli models were listed among the “top 5 best motorcycles that you never heard of“, as more compact, street-wise, less expensive options than what you might expect from traditionally ranking motorcycles. The United States can expect the new styles to be available more readily within the next year, as manufacturers set their sights on 2017 to become a trans-formative year in motorcycle retail. Reviewers have already begun raving about the ingenuity and potential success of the smaller bikes that have debuted at shows such as the one in Long Beach. The cycle industry that riders have shied away from has received a face-lift and re-inventing the wheel has them poised for a take off in popularity.
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