Motorcycle Tracks

We have all ridden our motorcycles on the street. Practicing on the street is extremely difficult from the distractions we encounter, other obstacles, vehicles and rules that inhibit us to effectively learn more. This is where motorcycle tracks (commonly called road race courses) fill the gap for more advanced learning. You may ask yourself “does this really fit? I’m not a racer!” Absolutely! Let’s dive into why it fits, and why motorcycle tracks are much better in many ways.

GATHER INFORMATION: Use vision to take in all the situational data available to you. This is much easier on a motorcycle track

EVALUATE YOUR SITUATION: Be aware of your position on the track, where you are headed and what your bike is telling you.

NARROW THE OPTIONS: Focus your attention on the most important goals, for a lap, a session or the day

INSTINCTS HONED: Create repeatable processes, through application and practice, that don’t make you think through each time.

UNDERSTAND AND APPLY: Process and incorporate the information and feedback you get while riding.

STEPPING UP: Use all of this to take your riding to the next level.


Street riding can be extremely unsafe! You can not control most of the situations around you. On a motorcycle track, it is much more of a controlled environment. Many safety measures are put into place to make the experience as safe as possible. You are required to wear full leathers, gloves, boots and full-face helmets. This cures 70% of the problem of having a crash from a safety standpoint. You can absolutely wear all this gear on the street also, and many do, but you also have curbs, guardrails, trees and other hazards you do not on motorcycle tracks.

A motorcycle enthusiast is able to ride at basically continuous speed without interruptions of all the above-mentioned problems on motorcycle tracks. Allowing your brain to work easier helping you retain the information you are learning much quicker and SAFER than you can on the street. This helps build muscle memory and helps you operate all the controls without thinking about it as much which in turn allows you to focus on something else. This is called less workload. EvolveGT Trackdays has plenty of motorcycle tracks designed specifically for this purpose. Increasing your skill level done with safety and focus on helping you learn skills normally not attainable on the street.

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