Why You Should Consider Motorcycle Track Training

If you ask yourself, “Motorcycle track training, why should I consider it?”, the answer is: Because professional motorcycle riders do it throughout their riding lifetime. If you are enjoying your first bike or even if you are a motorcycle veteran, everyone can benefit from track time.

No Training – No Ride: Motorcycle patrol personnel spend weeks on the track training to qualify. If they make the cut, they spend many more hours in track training over the span of their career. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)recommends annual re-certification of motorcycle law enforcement personnel to assure the highest standards of advanced operator skills, proficient operation in any type of weather, and safe navigation in all traffic conditions.

What The Track Offers: The average motorcycle rider will not be engaging in high-speed pursuits. But they will experience similar conditions that motorcycle patrols do like hazardous road conditions, inclement weather, congested traffic and sharing the road with other drivers. Here’s what track time can do for you:

  • Hone emergency braking control skills
  • Learn precision cornering skills like handlebar tension, body position, throttle control, and vision techniques, etc.
  • Confront typical road hazards like potholes, motor vehicles, etc.
  • Fine tune timing when shifting gears
  • Learn vision techniques that improve acuity, distance perception, etc.

Not Really Race Day: It may feel like it’s race day when you are out on the track giving it all you got on the throttle. But it’s not really a race day. But that doesn’t matter because it is still a blast! Riders get a chance to practice all the skills they need to stay safe on the open road but without a speed limit or risk of getting a ticket, all while being safer. That’s why you should consider track training with your bike.

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