A bit about myself.  I am currently a Police Officer in Pennsylvania.  By the riding season, I would have completed 23 years.  My wife Kristy and I, are parents of two awesome kids, Lila and Leo.  Lila is a very talented gymnist. Leo is a dominating wrestler and he is about as nuts about motorcycles as I am.
I enjoy many sports and most things motorcycle related.  I especially enjoy motorcycle racing.  I watch anything from hair scrambles, to MotoGP.  I started doing track days in 2005 and I started coaching in 2019.  I ride a 2009 R6 and a 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100.  I also love riding in the dirt.  I have a KTM XC250-F, but I’m going to switch to a two-stroke soon.  I ride at the Famous Reading Outdoors properties.  I try to ride dirt almost once a week in the Spring through the fall.
What I love about coaching?  I have always enjoyed talking about motorcycles almost as much as I like riding them.  I’ve experienced so many things in all of the years that I’ve been riding and I really do like to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained.  I wish someone would have passed on knowledge to me and I didn’t have to learn so many lessons the hard way.  I’ve said this a hundred times before that one of my favorite coaching moments is to train someone who eventually becomes a faster and better rider than me.  I’ve coached many riders who have gone on to ride in the E-3 group, and become competitive amateur racers.  
Shawn Burns #727

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