Hello I’m Katherine, I prefer to be called Katie to the hip motorcycle crowd.
I love riding motorcycles, mountain bikes, driving cars, and flying airplanes. I enjoy helping riders improve their riding skills, confidence and situational awareness.
I started my track riding experience in 2017 at an EvolveGT track day at the Summit Point Shenandoah Track learning from Bill Sink in GT1 class how to effectively slow, stear and turn a motorcycle with confidence. That foundational education provided the skills I still use today that allow me to enjoy riding with confidence and ease.
I have been coaching with Evolve GT since late 2018. Ive helped new track riders improve as well as advanced riders who look for lead follow support.
I’ve ridden with other Track Day bike clubs on the east coast, but ive found EvolveGT has the kind of spirit that i’m in harmony with.
Look forward to ride with you.

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