Send an email to support@evolvegt.com or call 702-602-2770

Evolve GT assigns riders into four groups according to their riding ability: E4, E3, E2 and E1.

E1 is comparable to a novice group, is very structured with passing anywhere except the corners (turn in to apex). The next level up is E2, still with supervision but for people that have a little more pace and are starting to have traffic problems. The same passing rules will apply. E3 is for riders with even more pace and with less supervision. Passing can be done anywhere with a five foot rule that will be strictly enforced. Keeping in mind we are here to have a good time and build our skills becomes very important. Safety is always key to making good decisions. E4 will be advanced riders with coaches present to spot unsafe riding. Passing is allowed anywhere. (see Rider’s Manual for more information)

Coaches are experienced riders who are there to help others, give great advice, help keep safety on focus and hopefully will become your friend by the end of the day. Use them, talk, ask as many questions as needed – this is our greatest strength! All of us want you to have the best time possible. Coaches will also give useful recommendations of what they see happening on the track and will assist in group placement. Instructors are there to teach the class, and help you learn any way possible. They want you to succeed at your goals just as much as you.
The easiest way is online, create an account and book your events on www.evolvegt.com. Pre-registering for events insures that you will have a spot. We do not overbook events. Having a Grip or G P membership also allows for the highest level of discount.
Registration information, food for lunch and beverages, extra gas, a canopy, spare equipment, tools, and an open mind and willingness to learn. (see the Rider’s Manualfor more details) Don’t forget your motorcycle and key!
You will need an undamaged full face helmet with eye protection, full-circumference riding suit, boots, gloves and back protector. (See Rider’s Manual for details).
Once you have registered for a track day, you may cancel up to 30 days prior to the event without penalty, with the exception of a $5 processing fee. You may cancel between 15 and 30 days prior to the event and receive an Evolve GT account credit. No cancellations will be accepted less than 15 days prior to an event; however, you may sell/ transfer your spot to another Evolve GT member. Confirmations are e-mailed five days prior to an event.

If we do not roll a wheel on the track and the event is canceled due to rain, you will receive 100% credit to be used at another Evolve GT event. Rain credit is only good for one calendar year from the time of the cancellation. Evolve GT may ride in the rain. If we get rained out after an event has started, there will be NO credits or refunds issued. If you choose not to show up and we ride, you will not receive any credit. If you choose not to show up and we cancel the event, you will receive a 100% credit for another Evolve GT event, to be used within one calendar year. Evolve GT reserves the right to adjust this policy anytime without notice.

You can use credits online by logging into your Evolve GT Account and signing up for an event as you normally would. The credit will automatically be applied to the balance prior to the system asking for payment information. If you do not use the internet, you must contact Member Services at support@evolvegt.com to use your credit.
These numbers are NOT the same. Your riding number is not required but is recommended to be on your bike, it helps identify you when you are on the track, and links you to your emergency contact information. Your member number identifies you as a member and is needed when communicating with us or our partners.
You can change your rider # at any time in your online account.
We are looking for a bike that is clean and in excellent working condition. Bodywork, brakes, engine, chassis and suspension components and leaks will be checked at the track. If any items are found out of compliance and cannot be fixed, you will be disqualified from participating for the day. (see Rider’s Manual for details).
They are recommended, but not required.
E1-E3 riders are not required to have any items wired, but we strongly recommend doing it anyway. E4 participants are required to have specific items safety wired (see Rider’s Manual for details)
Taping over lights and reflectors is accepted. Masking tape, electrical or plastic-type tape covers will work. Unplug taped lights so the bulbs do not overheat the tape. If the lights are unplugged and the lens is plastic, no tape is necessary.
No, but they will have to be taped over. Removal is usually easier.
Your rider number should be displayed on the front, side or rear of bike and be legible to corner workers or staff. The main purpose is easy identification on the track.
No, but once again is highly recommended! Mishaps occur and antifreeze is very difficult to remove from asphalt, causing long delays.
We recommend at least 1.5mm over the wear bar. This can vary greatly depending on your skill level, suspension settings, tire make and compound and the machine you are on. When in doubt, replace them – it is the only connection you have with the pavement.