Training Video Playlist:

STEP 1: Watch the Video Material Above

Step 2: Create an Account in the Race Certification Testing System

Congratulations, you’ve seen the intro of the course! 

Before you move on you must create an account different than your Evolve GT account. The testing works through a different database.
Onced logged in you will be able to take the test and get your certificate. 

Step 3: Take the Test

You must pass this test with a score of 80% or better in order to proceed to the next step. You should be already logged in when you reach the next page.
The testing fee is $125.00 USD. You may re-take the test at no additional cost.  You will receive a certificate of completion upon  receiving a passing grade.

STEP 4: Bring Your Passing Test Certificate to Your Next EvolveGT Trackday

The last step will be to pick a track day event to attend. Let one of the admins know in the morning you have received your emailed certificate and need to have it endorsed to make it valid. You will then have your official race training certificate that we will give you at the track signed with endorsements validating your training.  We will test your proficiency in the skills that you have acquired! 
Having trouble logging in to the testing system?