Are Little Bikes Getting More Popular?

What’s up MotoGirlGT followers? My name is Michelle and I’ve been riding for a little over 2 years. I started racing midway through last season with MotoGladiator. I’m looking forward to my first full race season in 2018.

I still remember my first track weekend. I rode my fully stock (including the crappy tires) Ninja 300 to NJMP from Brooklyn. (Don’t worry, I have since invested in a hitch.) Crashed on my second day and was hooked ever since.

I met Angela with MotoGirlGT & the EvolveGT crew at NYST (we chatted a couple times before that). I was struggling setting up my canopy by my lonesome in the grass (this is very common for me by the way, I tend to go to the track with just Mango, my dog). Brett walked over and saw me fighting with one of the poles (I was losing), lent a hand and then invited me over to meet everyone and ride with them for the day. This was the best track weekend ever. 1) because everyone was so cool and 2) With adjustments to my foot and hip positions I was dropping knee for the first time (and everywhere around the track) and my lap times were going down like never before. In one weekend I had seen exponential improvement and of course, had a ton of fun.

The MotoGirl and Evolve family is super cool. The coaches are always there for you. From asking noob questions (I do a ton of that) to fixing bike/you problems (I also do a ton of this), cracking your skills wide open (obviously) and of course, cracking jokes. I’m looking forward to this season and meeting even more people at the track.

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