Access to Gt1 Training, prime dates with the majority of them being held on the weekend at the most popular tracks. Leather and equipment rentals through Hazardous Racing . Equipment rentals will be available on the website located at checkout (they are not free). You will also be able to experience some of the suspension classes we have when available. These events are discounted in this category averaging about 5%. This membership would be a good fit for a  rider that is looking for some discount but does not need all the benefits of the GRIP or GP membership. Riders must sign up at least 15 days prior to the event or will be charged a $30 late registration fee. Putting more than few events under your helmet per year we would recommend the next more inclusive membership – GRIP, where Easy Cancel, free camping and electric and the PASSPORT PROGRAM are available.

Our registration process must go through the website to properly check you in at the track. We are now paperless!


  • $40 ON 4 – after completing 4 events, a $40 credit will be issued in your account

  • MULTI – DAY BENEFITS – complete 2 consecutive events and receive a $20 credit in your account

  • FRIEND REFERRAL – Refer a non member and receive a $20 credit in your account