Thunderbolt Raceway resembles a “thundering” tournament at the New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP). Thus, our experienced racers provide you with all the necessary instructions regarding this subject. From the rules in the race to the on-going track, our trainers will educate you about everything. This is not an ordinary race track. Thunderbolt Raceway is one of the famous & premier road courses of the motorcycle. And, it embraces 2.25 miles of asphalt, 12 challenging turns, and a one-half mile straightway. A sportbike racer needs to run out from every turn smartly. Our instructors and experienced racers strive to help you completely in this concept.

Thunderbolt Raceway includes a sportbike riding at the top-notch world level. There is no place for even a single fault. Our coaches with the great interpersonal skills will teach you a lot and help you win the race. Come to us. We are your trusted partners in your sportbike riding course.

  • Acquire the information of each column of the Thunderbolt Raceway and turn out to be the best riding in your racing line.
  • Our team has remodeled the entire course to teach you the modern sportbike riding technique.
  • We will map out everything for the sportbike racers- from the instruction manual to the live experiences.