The Lightning raceway is the other name in the checklist of the races at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP). Slightly “lighter” than the Thunderbolt Raceway, it still holds the second place in the world’s sport bike race. This course is covered within the 1.9-mile northern circuit. And, this circuit is especially recognized for the laps rather than the distance. It is actually a medium-high speed course. Whatever it is, our high-class trainers and the track day riders offer you the important sessions regarding this race. Whether you are on a starting line of your lightning bike-racing career or reach a certain point, we will train everyone according to their respective niche.

The lightning raceway is a way to having fun but with some tragic corners. The team of our professional riders and mentors provide you the deep and effective lessons to trace the path smartly and win each lap with a higher score.

  • The profound knowledge and realistic experience won’t let a sport bike rider fall down.
  • This American circuit is a risky ground. But, our trainers will hone the racers’ skills and boost up their confidence to qualify the race.
  • Don’t wait! Join us to accumulate something unexampled about the Lightning Raceway.