Carol Dweck, a Stanford University Psychology professor, has spent most of her career studying why some people seem to reach their potential while others don’t. She believes a person’s internal belief system may be responsible for explaining, in part, why some people are more successful in achieving their goals. Trying to unravel the mystery of […]

Ben Walters and Bill Sink invent YCRS TDT

EvolveGT and YCRS team up to create “TDT” Track Day Training. At select EvolveGT track days. Ben Walters will be lead instructor on this program . YCRS teaches “Champions Habits”, the techniques the best riders in the world use to go so fast without falling down. Simply put, YCRS coaches riders to “ride the bike […]

Michelle’s Story

What’s up MotoGirlGT followers? My name is Michelle and I’ve been riding for a little over 2 years. I started racing midway through last season with MotoGladiator. I’m looking forward to my first full race season in 2018. I still remember my first track weekend. I rode my fully stock (including the crappy tires) Ninja […]

Motorcycle Tracks

Motorcycle Tracks   We have all ridden our motorcycles on the street. Practicing on the street is extremely difficult from the distractions we encounter, other obstacles, vehicles and rules that inhibit us to effectively learn more. This is where motorcycle tracks (commonly called road race courses) fill the gap for more advanced learning. You may […]

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