TRACK STOP with Bill Sink

As we’re all slipping into hibernation mode and constantly doing laps in our heads, waiting for the new season to begin, let’s STOP and discuss other approaches to some of the corners that continually challenge us. Today, let’s stop at Turn 2 NCBike. Turn 2 is an extremely late apex that keeps you on the side […]

Evolve GT Track Days Rich Ford


I sit here over the winter break waiting for the right time to start prepping my bike for next season I think back to some of the earlier track days. I was fortunate to have a large group of friends that I knew when I started, one of them my cousin. Going to a Motorcycle […]

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How Can the Fundamentals of Learning Help With Motorcycle Training?

What are the fundamentals of learning. The fundamentals of learning are not specific to a particular field or discipline but can be transferred over to apply to nearly anything. This is true when it comes to motorcycle training as much as anything. With this in mind, what are the fundamentals of learning and how do […]

Michael Selpe

Michael Selpe Private Training with Evolve GT and Motogirl GT

We all know him. He is a top competitor in the sport. Now for the first time he will handle some of the private training in the You VS You programs at Evolve GT during our motorcycle track days. Angela from Motogirl GT had him come out to one of the events at New Jersey […]

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